Always On My Mind

There has been something biting at my ear recently. Nibbling. Taking little chunks out of me every day and trying to get my attention; it’s a bit like a child bugging its parents at the supermarket for a pack of Crunchies to be added to the trolley. I disregarded it for a while, but recently heard that sometimes the “purpose to our lives each day tugs at our sleeve as an annoying distraction” making me think, “sit up buddy, perhaps there’s a reason it’s been whining in your ear so long.”

But how does you know this “annoying distraction” is something significant rather than just another random, transient thought?

In my life I’ve found there to be two types of distractions: “good distractions” and “bad distractions”, and they have very distinguishing characteristics similar to the girlfriends I’ve encountered.

The bad girlfriends are the crazies, the ones who keep you from being you and want to mold you to their specifications. They can be selfish taking up your time only for them, but in no way would they ever lend themselves to helping your personal well being. Equally this is like those bad distractions people can be so prone to: spending all your time on a job you don’t care about, eating too much junk food, or watching too much inane television. It detracts you from you. You pay minimal attention (enough to get by), you do what needs to be done, but in so doing have very little time for you. There are the occasional good times, but these are few and far between – the reason you’re there is because you feel you have to be, not that you want to be. Stay in that place too long, and stagnation will soon follow.

The best girlfriend on the other hand instills you with a great sense of self-belief, is always there for you and supports what you do, even if it’s for yourself. She’s interested in what you have to say and you enjoy your time with her. And in the same way you enjoy the time spent on your good distractions, although be aware this is not in the sense of “oh man I LOVE watching Jackass”, but rather “I totally LOVE writing music”.

We’re all searching for the right partner to focus our energies on and once that person is found you’ll be better for it. Find the right distraction and the same result will follow. It’s probably clear to you by now I’m feeling the need to focus more on my “annoying” distraction – well it just so happens I’ve recently been moved into a different department where the hours are fantastic: strictly 9am-5pm (4:30pm on Fridays) with a 1-2:30pm lunch break in between mostly extended to two hours because of my manager’s penchant for lunchtime drinking. The luxury of time is one thing my friends who are lawyers and bankers do not have and something they cannot buy since I suppose they have effectively “sold” theirs away. It’s time to use my new time in timely fashion, and I will give that “annoying” distraction the attention it deserves until it ceases in its constant grumbles, changes its tune and finally says to me (before being quiet forever after), “you’re welcome”.


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